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hanging laundry and mending clothes

October 21st, 2006 at 11:04 am

It is a beautiful day here today so 2 loads of laundry is hanging on the clothesline. I figure I save at least $1.00 per load by not using the energy hog, I mean clothes dryer!

I also patched 2 pair of my sons bluejeans the knees were wore out of them, but other than that there was nothing wrong with them. Their cousin gave them some old bluejeans that were too small to fit any of our boys so I cut 2 patches out of them and used that to patch up my sons jeans. They look pretty darn good too! So -- 2 pair of jeans for him cost around $10.00 each at walmart so I saved $20.00 by patching his old jeans.

previous total $0.00
today $22.00
new total $22.00

2 Responses to “hanging laundry and mending clothes”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Hi there bluegrassmom - welcome and good job on the mending! I can't tell you the number of knees on blue jeans I've patched over the years - 4 boys and 1 girl here!

    If they only get a few more wears out of them it's worth it! You've made a great start on the $20 Challenge - are you physically taking they money out of your wallet and putting it aside for something special??

  2. bluegrassmom Says:

    I have 3 boys. Some days it seems all I do is mend and patch knees. lol
    I am keeping track of the money I am saving and at the end of the week I will deposit the money into a savings account.

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